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  1. Make soft water available to everyone no matter what their budget is.
  2. Give consumers options which compete with major brands at more affordable prices.
  3. Establish a complete service and parts department to back our products.
  4. Continually improve our services and products by researching and keeping up with the latest technology in water treatment.

     We understand that selecting a water treatment system for your home is important because it is a step you are taking to protect your investment. With so many companies to choose from it can be overwhelming to decide which system and company is right for you and your family.  Here at Alpha Filtronics, we have made that process simple by providing most major brands in the market available at one location where you can compare each one first hand. With our unique showroom and dedicated staff, we are here to answer any questions you may have about water treatment systems and help you decide which system is right for you.

     Alpha Filtronics has been serving the San Antonio and surrounding areas for over 15 years, having been established in 2001 by one of the top Salesman in the industry who has managed many top brand water treatment companies for over 30 years. It was his vision to provide quality water treatment products at prices affordable on any budget. No matter what you choose, we back our products with competitive warranties, prices and support, housing the only fully stocked parts department for all brands and an expert team of technicians servicing most brands in the market today.

     With a combined knowledge of over 60 years in the industry, our family owned and operated business has built a reputation of excellent customer service, adhering to the old-fashioned way of doing business where the customer is always right. We know how important it is to protect your home and give your family a quality life and we are here to put the right tools in your hands to do just that.