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The Fleck 5600 softener is flecks best selling system for the medium-large household, and it's easy to see why. The digital display system combined with it's unique specifications, makes setting-up and running this system a breeze. 

Being a salt-based system means it DOES require regeneration, but Fleck have done a fine job of automating this process; you can almost ‘set and forget’, and enjoy the benefits of soft water for years to come.

In terms of softening hard water, this system is one of the best rated systems out there - you will NEVER complain that your system is not working, as it softens hard water without fail, every single time

Being a 48 000 grain capacity system and salt-based, means that this set up is hands down one of the most effective way to soften hard water. In simple terms, it uses resin beads and salt pellets to soften hard water, and requires regeneration to clean the resin beads every so often.

Sounds like a bit of work right? Wrong - Fleck have designed this system to be extremely maintenance free, with a simple to use meter-based control system; just set your figures into the display computer all you have to do is replace the salt pellets every so often.

When you buy this system you get the softening system computer, and a large brine tank - so you will need a drain, and standard 120v power outlet handy for it to do its thing.

  • Meter regeneration reduces running costs -Having a meter regenerated system is the easiest system to run and maintain. It regenerates based on your water usage, and another reason this is great is that at time of high or low water usage, your softener will work at the right level- meaning it reduces running costs.
  • Risk free warranty - you get a 5 year warranty on the system, and a 10 year warranty on tank, however it will last a lifetime if you maintain it according to the instructions
  • Easy to use control panel - Back lit LCD display with easy to use touch-pad cotrols

FLECK 5600

Product Features & Benefits

• Rugged, simple design

• Non-corrosive, UV-resistant valve body

• Economical (small annual power consumption)


• Stains

• Clogged Plumbing

• Scale Deposits

• Dissolved Minerals

• Soap Scum


• Longer Lasting Appliances (up to 30% longer)

• Less Detergent/Soap/Cleanser Use

• Greater Lathering of Soap

• Cleaner Dishes, Towels, Linens

• Softer Hands