Aqueous Pro

Aqueous Pro


The AQUEOUS PRO system will make your life at home a lot nicer.

  • Will help save energy by eliminating scale build-up; plumbing and appliances last longer
  • Save on detergents and laundry additives.  Clothes last longer, are cleaner & brighter
  • Housework easier:  no streaks and spotting left on sinks, tubs, fixtures
  • Food will look and taste better
  • AQUEOUS PRO takes care of your skin and complexion.  By eliminating soap scum, your hair will be silky soft.  Shaving will become smooth and easy.
  • AQUEOUS PRO saves you money on shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, etc.

    • State of the Art water softener constantly monitors water usage
    • Regenerates only when necessary to provide a continuous supply of quality soft water
    • Dual tank configuration for flexibility in installation and location
    • Utilizes proven salt shelf design in accuracy, dependability and prevents salt bridging
    • Easy to read digital display maintains all memory functions even in the event of power disconnection for up to 30 days
    • All components are fabricated from corrosion resistant materials

    Lifetime on

    • Conditoner Tank
    • Salt Tank
    • Resin
    • Valve Body

    5 Years on

    • Electronics
    • Valve Internal Parts

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